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Dinner is Ready (DIR) in English

The hundreds of queries received by Fundacion Belen along the last five years had a common problem around : lack of personal communication tools within the family and the schools. They come from many different countries across the world. As the lack of personal communication skill is so quite common problem in the family wherever they are from, the implementation solution DIR project will address , must be tackled from different transnational points of view.

FB came in contact with old European partners to face the problem and share sollutions and we made it¡

«Dinner is Ready» is now online on the

DIR has the objective to develop a most relevant personal skill, communicational skills, in mothers of problematic children in order to foster their personal development, as well as to improve their participation in family, civic and social life; and will try to develop this skill through the experience of a cultural competence: the art of cooking together.

DIR in the European Year of Cultural Heritage 2018 wants to enhance the different European richness through recipes of traditional cooking, raising awareness of the importance of Europe’s cultural heritage.
DIR as a project under a Strategic Partnerships supporting exchange of good practices has the primary goal of developing and reinforcing the created network under a previous European Project to develop new learning strategies. DIR will increase the partnership capacity to operate at transnational level, share and confront ideas, practices and methods.
DIR aims to contribute to social inclusion through improving personal communication tools.

DIR will Identify through an enquiry the great need and the best ways for academic training for low squilled families with teenagers uncommunicated. You can help it by compilling the enquiry.

DIR will seek senior volunteers who would like to be personal coaches for those mothers who have uncommunicated teenagers with or without behavioural problems and teaching them communicational skills through cooking together experiences. These experiences should be amusing, moments of hearty collaboration, of laughing together while cooking.

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