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Dir Family Questionnaires

During the Madrid kick off Meeting, October2018, all partners established the common designed “DIR Family Questionnaire” with only two possible answers for parents: yes or not.

The same questionnaire was compiled by 780 European families during the following three months after translating it to each national language Spanish (240), Rumanian (315) and Lithuanian (185). The results appear in percentage of affirmative answer over the total number of received enquiries in each of the partners institutions.


The percentage shows affirmative answers            FB     ARVAR     NALMA

Do you listen to him/her every day at least 10m?     80         93           95        

Do you know the names of his/her teachers?             73         84           88

Do you know which are his favourite subjects?        92         66           55

Do you know the names of her friends/“enemies”?  86         83           84

What kind of music does he/she listen to?                   86          80          86

What food does he/she like?                                           97          98         100

Do you have dinner together every day?                    65        *44        *38   

Do you often share games or sports with him?        *40         72        *26

Do you go with him/her to the doctor?                        91         95          100

Do you know the medicines does he/she  takes? 93        95         100        

Do you know how to share your feelings?                   68         75           68      

Can you speak with him/her about sensitive matters

       (sex, drugs, gangs, etc…)?                                          67         71           77

Do you share with your children your dreams?         70          74          86

 Does your son tell you what worries him/her?          56          81          73

 Can you perceive what hurts or angers her?               89          77          73

 Do you know how to punish her constructively?      *47        *43        *42

 Are you capable of dominating your anger?               *47        74          71

 Do you know how to reward his good behavior?       83          87          93

 Do you travel and have fun together on holidays?    94          84          95

Findings from DIR enquires

From a extend point of view there are not big differences looking through the columns of answers. They look like three parallel roads travelling through our European family communication picture. The percentage of positive answers looks very similar just as one more “European family communication characteristics”.

The questions that have been answered affirmatively (by more than 90% by almost all the European parents) are about:  the food he or she likes; the knowledge over the medicines he or she takes; going together to the doctor and having fun on holidays.

The questions that have been more negatively answered by all parents (over 60 %) are about: knowing “how to punish constructively”; sharing games and sports and having daily dinner together.

But if we look carefully there are quite big country´s differences

For instance:

                                                                                           FB         ARVAR      NALMA

Are you capable of dominating your anger?          *47           74            71

Does your son tell you what worries him/her?       *56           81            73

Do you often share games or sports with him?       *40           72          *26

Do you have dinner together every day?                    65          *44         *38 

These national differences DIR partners have taken in account for each country, but the similarities between all the compilated questionnaires confirm a similar diagnosis: we need to increase the family communication level everywhere and we need to foster local authorities to promote family dinner.

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