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How to help your children improve

Improving Motivation

The most important thing is that your child “wants” to change or improve, then he, himself, will put the means.

If he doesn’t, help him to achieve it.


  • The best thing for our children to listen to us is to first listen to them.
  • When our children take part in our decisions, it is more likely that they will fulfil them.
  • A parent should care less about what happens when he is present at home than when he is absent
  • Paying attention means positive reinforcement. Don’t pay attention when they ask you for things in an improper way
  • Humiliating a child tends to make him react negatively. If, in addition, it’s made publically, he will react even worse.
  • The best help to succeed in life is to get used to triumph: give him opportunities. But also teach him to lose sportingly and to try again.
  • Get used to looking your kids in the eye, fondly. You’ll find them clean or you’ll discover trouble.
  • Learn to motivate your children soon. Make them believe they can. Confirm your confidence in his chances of success. Tell them all they need is to “want”. They will gain self-confidence
  • A good education begins with good family communication. To help them better, you must know them better.
  • When they do something good, congratulate them with enthusiasm. They’ll want to do it again.

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